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Kuthiraivali / Udalu / Barnyard Millet – Gluten Free – 500gms


Barnyard millet, also known as kuthiraivali (barnyard millet in Tamil), is widely grown in India and other Asian countries. It is a drought-tolerant, fast-growing crop that yields small, spherical grains that are gluten-free and high in nutrients such as protein, fiber, and important minerals. 

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  • Gluten-Free
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Barnyard millet, also known as Echinochloa frumentacea, is a small-seeded grass popular in India and other regions of Asia. It is a staple food crop that has been farmed for thousands of years and is well-known for its health benefits and adaptability to a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Barnyard millet grains are extremely nutritious, including high levels of protein, fiber, and vital minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. Barnyard millet is gluten-free, making them an excellent choice for anyone suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Barnyard millet is primarily grown in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra in India. Barnyard millet has been given several names according to its cultivation in various locations in India.

  • Barnyard millet, known locally as “kuthiraivali”, is a popular food crop in Tamil Nadu.
  • In Karnataka, barnyard millet is known as “oodhalu” or “kudru”.
  • Barnyard millet is known as “oodalu” in Andhra Pradesh. It is commonly used to make a traditional oodalu recipes.
  • In Maharashtra, barnyard millet is known as “vari” or “sava”. It is often used to make a savory porridge-like dishes
  • In Kerala, barnyard millet is known as “kavadapullu” or “panivaragu”. It is often used to make traditional panivaragu recipes.
  • Barnyard millet is known as “sanwa chawal” in Uttar Pradesh. It is often used to make a sweet dish called “sanwa ki kheer” 

Barnyard Millet Health Benefits

Barnyard millet is a nutrient-dense cereal crop with numerous health benefits. The following are some of the most important barnyard millet health benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Good for heart health
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Gluten-Free grain
  • Good Source of Iron

Finally, there are numerous barnyard millet benefits with high nutrients that help you to incorporate it into your diet.

Barnyard Millet Recipes

Here are some barnyard millet recipes to get you started:

  • Barnyard Millet Khichdi
  • kuthiraivali kanji
  • oodhalu payasa
  • Barnyard Millet Salad
  • kavadapullu upma

These are just a few of the various barnyard millet recipes available. Barnyard millet is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a number of cuisines, so try new recipes and find your favorites!

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