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Triphala Powder / Triphala Churna – Herbal Powder – 100 gms


Triphala Powder is a traditional herbal remedy known for its numerous health benefits. This blend comprises three potent fruits – Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. Triphala is valued for its digestive properties, promoting regular bowel movements and detoxification. Additionally, it offers antioxidant benefits, supports the immune system, and contributes to overall well-being. Embrace the power of this ancient Ayurvedic formulation in a convenient and easy-to-use powder form for your health and vitality.

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  • 100% Natural Without Additives
  • Suitable for Vegetarian Food
  • Gluten Free
  • Digestive Health
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Triphala contributes unique health benefits, and when combined, they form a powerful and synergistic herbal formulation. Amla, sometimes referred to as Indian Gooseberry, is a powerful antioxidant and source of vitamin C, strengthening the immune system and enhancing general health. It is advantageous for maintaining gastrointestinal health to consume haritaki because of its well-known digestive benefits and capacity to encourage regular bowel movements. 

Triphala Powder/ Triphala Churna can be eaten in capsule form for convenience or generally mixed with water, honey, or ghee. Due to its gentleness, it can be used frequently as part of a healthy lifestyle. Triphala Powder is a flexible and highly regarded herbal supplement that offers a wealth of health advantages to promote immunity, detoxification, digestion, and general well-being. 

The revered herbal cure triphala powder/ Triphala Powder, sometimes referred to as Triphala churna, has a large position in traditional medicine in many Indian regions. Its popularity and wide range of applications reflect the rich cultural diversity and knowledge of native herbs in many parts of India.

  • Tamil Nadu: Triphala Powder is referred to as “Triphala Podi” or “Triphala Churnam.” It is cherished for its detoxification and rejuvenation properties, helping cleanse the body and promote overall vitality.
  • Kerala: Triphala Churna is known as “Triphala Choornam” or “Triphala Choornam Podi.” It is highly valued for its digestive properties and is used to promote regular bowel movements and support gastrointestinal health. 
  • Karnataka: Triphala Churna is commonly known as “Triphala Churna” or “Triphala Pudi.” Triphala Churna benefits digestive health and regularity, making it beneficial for maintaining gastrointestinal balance.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/ Triphala Churna

These following are the health benefits of triphala powder: 

  • Liver support 
  • Immunity Booster
  • Helps in Diabetes
  • Helps in breathing
  • Reduces Weight

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