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Coconut Shell Kajal / Vengai Pottu/ Drishti Pottu – For Babies & Kids 1 Piece


In many cultures, notably in India, ladies wear a black bindi, also referred to as Coconut Shell Kajal or Vengai Pottu or kajal, or kohl is a traditional cosmetic. Coconut shell kajal (Kottankuchi Mai) is a natural and traditional eye cosmetic product prepared by collecting soot from burning coconut shells. This soot is mixed with organic substances like ghee or oil to create an eloquent coloured kajal paste. Coconut shell kajal highlights and emphasizes the eyes with its intense black color. 

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The Coconut Shell Kajal (Kottankuchi Mai) is a traditional and cultural decoration with important symbolism in many communities and societies. A bindi is a decorative mark worn on the forehead, typically between the brows. It has great cultural and religious significance, particularly in South Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 

The dedication to natural beauty is what defines coconut shell kajal. Unlike traditional eye makeup products that contain dangerous chemicals, coconut shell kajal is without the chemicals. This makes it an excellent alternative choice for people looking for a more thoughtful and long-term approach to their beauty routine. 

The advantages of coconut shell kajal extend beyond its cosmetic value. Coconut shell kajal, known for its relaxing characteristics, helps to calm and nourish the eyes, delivering a comfortable and safe experience. Moreover, it is thought to support healthy eye growth and improve general eye health. Let’s explore how Coconut Shell Kajal is known in various Indian states: 

  • Tamil Nadu: In Tamil Nadu, coconut shell kajal is called “Kottankuchi Mai.” Married women often wear a red bindi on top of the black bindi, while unmarried girls may wear just the black bindi.
  • Kerala: In Kerala, In Kerala, coconut shell kajal is known as “thenga charatkajal” and is crafted using a method called “charadu.” It is typically worn by women as a small round dot or a tiny crescent shape. The bindi is considered a decorative element and is often worn on special occasions or as part of traditional attire.
  • Maharashtra: In Maharashtra, coconut shell kajal is called “nalkajal” and is obtained by burning coconut shells and collecting the soot. It is typically worn in a round shape or as a crescent moon design. The bindi is considered a symbol of a married woman and is an integral part of the traditional Navvari saree ensemble.
  • West Bengal: In West Bengal, the Coconut Shell Kajal is commonly known as “Tilak” or “Boroline.” It is traditionally worn by married women and is usually applied as a small round dot or a vertical line. The Tilak bindi signifies auspiciousness and marital status, and it is an integral part of Bengali culture.

Benefits of  Coconut Shell Kajal:

These are the health benefits of wearing a Coconut Shell Kajal

  • Relieves Headaches
  • Gives more Concentration
  • Calms your mind
  • Good for Skin 
  • Clears Up Sinuses

These are just a few examples, buy coconut shell kajal can be incorporated into a wide range of recipes, including bread, muffins, cakes, and more. 

Still, thinking about why you should buy coconut shell kajal online from Native food store? Let us explain to you how we are different from others. 

  • Improving health and preserving nature are our business values.
  • Native food store sources their products directly from farmers who produce with 100% natural methods.
  • Each product goes through different levels of quality checks before it reaches your hand.

We can say more about ourselves, but we would be happy to get positive feedback from you after buying our buy coconut shell kajal online, and we deliver them all over India.

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