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Scrambled Tofu Curry Noodles

This Scrambled Tofu Curry Noodles is for those who ‘hate’ pressing tofu, but still want NO compromise on plant-based protein and flavor.

Grocery shopping can be a mundane affair, but sometimes, as you’re mindlessly meandering the aisles, picking out items from your grocery list, something catches your eye that makes you stop and pay attention.

And so, a few weeks ago, I picked up a box of barnyard millet noodles from my local Indian grocery store, and it stayed in my pantry since, largely out of fear that I might not like how it tastes.

Last night, I finally found the courage to get it out of storage, and I must say, if all healthy things can be camouflaged into staples like these, I’d be eating healthier than I do now.
Millet is a low glycemic food, fairly good source of protein, digests quickly and an excellent source of dietary fiber. From a farming perspective, it has high yields and can be grown in dry areas with less water, fewer pesticides and fertilizer. By choosing to consume grains like these that are traditionally grown in rural regions of India, we are supporting the livelihood of farmers.

I adore food that comes with a cause.

As to grating tofu, that’s a little trick I picked up from my friend Jackelin, when I was staying with her in Utah. Saves you time from pressing while giving you all the protein as long as you don’t mind the loss of texture. Me, I don’t mind at all.
In fact, I’m not ashamed to confess, this is possibly my favorite way of eating tofu. The flavor to tofu ratio is, finally, to my liking and it is not very unlike scrambled egg burji.

The ‘sauce’ isn’t complicated either – it’s just Thai red curry paste (which I almost always stock), turmeric, chilli powder, salt and pepper, also pantry staples.

All in all, this scrambled tofu curry noodles has resulted in an increase in overall tofu consumption in my home since I stumbled upon its recipe a few months ago.
It is simple, unassuming, comforting, and thanks to the barnyard millet noodles, a lot less of an indulgence than it tastes like. I hope you give it a try, I’m sure you’ll come to love it as I do.
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