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Cold Pressed Oil / Chekku Oil / Wood Pressed Oil

Chekku Oil / Wood Pressed Oil
Cold pressed oils are extracted by pressing the seeds, nuts, or fruit of a plant at low temperatures. The process removes all of the water and leaves behind the oil that has been used for cooking, salad dressings, and other uses.
Choose Cold Pressed Oils.
There are two main types of cold pressed oils: expeller pressed and solvent extracted. Both methods produce high quality oils with different flavors. You can find both types of cold pressed oils at grocery stores, natural foods stores, and online retailers. Cold pressed oils are obtained organically or extracted by crushing sun dried oil seeds like groundnut, coconut, mustard, sesame using heat and pressure without using any chemicals. They contain more nutrients than any other oils.
Native Food Store’s Cold pressed oils are an excellent way to add flavor to your food without adding fat or calories. You can check out our range of Cold pressed oils like Coconut Oil, Groundnut Oil, Seasame / Gingelly Oil ranging from 500 ml to 5 ltrs container.
Over refined or RBD oil, cold-pressed oil is advised. Refined, bleached, and deodorised is referred to as RBD. Any nutrients in the oils may be destroyed during refinement. Therefore, oils with less processing have a higher nutritional content and are healthier as is.
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